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About Us

As an internationally active consulting and training institute, we have over 30 years of experience in helping our clients achieve their goals, regardless of whether you want to drive a single negotiation or a large-scale transformation.

What sets us apart is that we excel in going beyond specialist knowledge and help you to understand limiting unconscious beliefs at all levels and to change these patterns in a sustainable way. Only then you can fully use your competencies to strengthen your impact.

We work across industries and functions with particular experience in the retail, industrial goods and manufacturing sectors. We offer consulting, coaching, training, e-learning and blended learning to find and implement the most suitable solution for you.

Our Methodology

After hundreds of single coaching events about leading negotiations, Joerg Koeck and Prof. Christoph Hilger developed a formula for your personal impact which describes the co-effect of the elements.



Methodological Skills
Professional Skills
Negotiations and decisions

Mental Strength

Inner Attitude

Nonverbal Communication

Body language

The Four Phases of How We Work

Our Team

Joerg Koeck

CEO and Holder

Joerg brings over 40 years of management experience in the air force and in companies.

He founded BETTER SOLUTIONS to prove what is possible when we take a more friendly and cooperative approach.

Joerg is deeply involved in strengthening personality and mental strength in order to overcome limits that effect our organizational performance. He brings creative, lateral thinking with him.

Liliane Staehli Köck


Liliane brings more than 40 years of experience in Direct Customers Service.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS she is the specialist for coaching creativity and transformation. Her particular attention is on Customer Care.

Christoph Hilger


Christoph is a professor for mediaspecific speech, speaker, actor and coach. He trains and coaches specialists and executives in voice, rhetoric and body language.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for non-verbal communication, effective presentations, voice training and body language.

Michael Hopke


Michael has dedicated his entire professional life to B2B sales and sales management. As an independent consultant, he works internationally with well-known clients in IT, telecom, manufacturing and life sciences.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for sales excellence, process optimization and digitalization.

René Enthoven


René has 35 years of sales experience, has built up his own international trading company and was an interim manager. He has trained and inspired over 3,500 sales managers and executives around the world.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for effectiveness and excellence in sales.

Josef Wagner


Josef brings more than 30 years of professional experience in trade with big trading companies of which he was the head of the purchase department for 15 years.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the line specialist for trade focusing on procurement management and supplier optimization.

Ribanna Dittrich

Better Solutions Academy

Ribanna comes with vast experience in teaching and studying after eight years and a doctorate at British universities.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS, she is responsible for the smooth operation of the e-learning platform Better Solutions Academy and other organizational tasks within the company. ​

Elna Stiller


Elna is a communication designer focusing on concepts and design. After many years in international advertising agencies, she has been self-employed for 10 years.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS Elna is responsible for everything graphic. Even more, she creates, designs and programs our new e-learning platform.

Dragana Puzin


Dragana started her career as a design specialist three years ago. During that time, she has worked with clients across Europe, the USA, and Canada in preparing their coaching/training materials and creating brand visuals.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS Dragana works on all graphic tasks and all designs and programs for the BSCC e-learning.

Johanna Gramacho


Johanna worked many years as a bookseller and studied Philosophy and Ethic. She has experience in writing and sales.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS, she is responsible for writing texts and customer support.

Timm Knaup

Negotiation Intelligence

Timm brings more than 15 years of experience in purchase with a focus on household items. For more than 11 years, he worked as the Head of Purchasing in different companies in Asia. Eight of these years for a German manufacturer of premium household items.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is our specialist in purchase, development of suppliers and intercultural cooperation.

Andra Kokott

Cross Media Producer

Andra Kokott has been working in front and behind the camera for more than 16 years. She is a trained anchor, video journalist, social media expert and cross media producer.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS, she realizes multimedia content of our company, our products and services.

Karin Haldimann


For more than 10 years, Karin has been working in the management sector and is a trained accountant.

At BETTER SOLUTIONS she is responsible for the accounting and some management areas.

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