Forward-thinking – Avoid Why-questions!

Negotiation Tips

Jörg Köck | November 2020

In my last post we talked about manipulative yes/no questions. There is one more question category which you should try avoid if your goal is to solve a problem:Asking the why!

Why questions do not look forward,but back! In very trustworthy relationships or in order to reconstruct events it is useful. But in most business situations in which it is about solving a problem, these questions are not constructive.

They only make the counterpart justify his actions. And justification is not only little solution-focused, it also stresses the mood and the relationship between you and the other person with whom you are trying to work on a solution cooperatively.

Intend to purposefully avoid why questions in the next weeks and observe how the quality of your conversations improves.

Good luck practicing!

In the next negotiation tips we will talk about the most successful questions for a solution-focused conversation.

Jörg Köck

... has been an independent management consultant, trainer and coach for almost 20 years and has been managing director of BETTER SOLUTIONS Coachingconsulting GmbH for six years. Before that he worked in specialist and management positions in the purchasing departments of mechanical engineering companies. His focus in training and consulting is on negotiating and establishing sustainable agreements – in management, purchasing and teambuilding.

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