Perceiving One’s Own Voice

Negotiation Tips, Personal Impact

Jörg Köck | November 2020

Today we start to powerfully instrument your personal impact, but the targeted use of it is used by the fewest: the voice!

Your voice is very variable and sends many signalsabout your personality, your current state and your role in the current situation. But we are rarely aware of the immense importance and variability of our voice. And so we underestimate our enormous potential in targeted development. But increased attention is worthwhile, because your voice is your acoustic self.

In order to to sharpen your voice, over the next few days please pay attentionto how variable you use your voice completely subconsciously when speaking to different people:

  • your colleagues
  • your manager
  • your partner
  • your parents
  • your children
  • someone at the checkout of a business
  • someone you are annoyed by or
  • someone you admire

You are already using a variety of “social” voices,which are clearly different in tone coloration, intensity, breath strength and clarity.

Listenconsciously to your speaking! What is changing in you to make you sound so different? Are there any correlations with your posture? How and where do you breathe at this moment? How would you describe this voice from the outside?

Watch and then try to speak to one of these people alone, just by imagining one of these people!

This is a good start. Familiarize with your own acoustic image.This is the first step to work on it and to be able to use it in a targeted way.

Have fun!

Prof Christoph Hilger

Christoph is a professor for mediaspecific speech, speaker, actor and coach. He trains and coaches specialists and executives in voice, rhetoric and body language. At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for non-verbal communication, effective presentations, voice training and body language.

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