The Rules of a Good Commitment Culture

Negotiation Tips

Jörg Köck | November 2020

The previous negotiation tip was about how important agreements are in order to achieve joint goals – and what problems are connected to the fact that agreements like this are always a bet on the future. Because the world or our view of it can change any time.
Nonetheless, constant changes of our environment cannot be excuses for not sticking to those agreements.On the contrary, under these circumstances we need a particularly well pronounced culture of commitment.

From my experience, such a good commitment culture is reflected in 4 simple rules:

1.Agreements are declared clearly.
2.Agreements are binding.
3.Agreements are only altered when mutually agreed.
4.Alterations of agreements have to be communicated promptly, justified and transparent.

If you stick to these rules, it should never happen again that

  • Your discussion partner cancels your agreed meeting last minute
    • Your supplier does not stick to the agreed date of delivery without any further information and blames the pre-supplier
      • A supplier stops deliveries without further notice

If everyone sticks to these simple rules, they represent the escape from the often frustrating culture of non-binding agreements, a missing concreteness and transparency – and following that of a limping progress in the implementation of the agreement.

A good commitment culture stimulates the implementation!
Here at BSCC we printed these important ruleson postcards so that we see them every day and can remember them easily. This way, everybody can take them as a support and present them clearly.

If you are interested in a pragmatic reminder for yourself, your team or your business partner, you can order this postcard for free in German or English on our webpage. I would also be more than happy to give you more information in a personal conversation through our consulting program “Learning route to commitment”. Please get in touch for more information.

Good luck with the implementation of a good culture of commitment in your environment.

Jörg Köck

... has been an independent management consultant, trainer and coach for almost 20 years and has been managing director of BETTER SOLUTIONS Coachingconsulting GmbH for six years. Before that he worked in specialist and management positions in the purchasing departments of mechanical engineering companies. His focus in training and consulting is on negotiating and establishing sustainable agreements – in management, purchasing and teambuilding.

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