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We have been active in the field of education and training for over 30 years and have gained extensive experience. The seminars are shown here only in part and can be carried out personally, virtually or as a blended learning variant.

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  • Basic Principles of Negotiation
  • Training as a Certified Negotiator at a Renowned Training Institute in Austria or TÜV Certified
  • Video Training
  • Negotiation Psychology
  • Negotiation Rhetoric
  • Negotiation Learning Path
  • Workshop Questioning Technique
  • Workshop Negotiation Planning
  • Negotiating for Operational Buyers
  • Negotiating for Technicians

Non-verbal and
Virtual Communication

  • Communicate Expressively
  • Present Powerfully
  • Virtual Communication to the Point

Better Decision-making

  • Consensus for Better Solutions
  • Better Decision-making
  • Train-the-Trainer Education: Decide Better

Mental Strength

  • Become the Person You Want to Be
  • Personality Development for Negotiators

Specific for Procurement Expertise

  • Modern Material Group Management
  • The Suitcase of Methods and Ideas
  • Defence Against Price Increases
  • Price Analysis and Calculation
  • Calculation Knowledge for Purchasers
  • The Supreme Discipline of Capital Goods Purchasing
  • Cost-cutting
  • Purchasing Services and Indirect Materials Efficiently and Effectively
  • Shape Fruitful Stakeholder Relations

Sales skills

  • How to Convince a Customer to Opt for You
  • Selling or Negotiating – the Factors of Success in the Game
  • Making the Deal – How to Win the Deal
  • How to bring your own Organization into line with Customer Interests
  • How to become Important for the Key Contacts of your Customer