How to Avoid Rear-end Collisions in Negotiations?

Negotiation Tips

Jörg Köck | March 2021

You can only avoid rear-end collisions if you focus on the gap or the way out. In driving safety training courses, you learn how to turn your head in the direction of the gap – the rest of your body then automatically reacts correctly. This is the only way.

If you pay too much attention to the arguments of your negotiating partner, then you are, so to speak, about to crash. You can’t get past his arguments and will go along with his opinion.

The solution for negotiation is similar: If you focus the negotiation on the facts that support your goals, surprising successes are possible!

At the moment, the sales force is just managing to claim the procurement’s attention completely: They take advantage of the procurement’s fear of supply shortages.

In a webinar of an industry association, several hundred buyers listened to how tense the supply situation is and now expect price increases.

In such a situation, you are asked to keep your eyes on the gap and to pursue your goals in a sustainable way. Because there remain good arguments to keep costs under control. Now the real quality of negotiators shows!

Please focus your attention on things that better support your objectives! This way you avoid rear-end collisions in negotiations.

PS.: If you are not sure how to do this, we are happy to support you with our coaching of negotiations or with our negotiation guidelines, which we have developed from negotiation consulting and our experience with Negotiation Intelligence. You can find an insight into our negotiation guidelines here.

This is how you can achieve your goals!

Jörg Köck

... has been an independent management consultant, trainer and coach for almost 20 years and has been managing director of BETTER SOLUTIONS Coachingconsulting GmbH for six years. Before that he worked in specialist and management positions in the purchasing departments of mechanical engineering companies. His focus in training and consulting is on negotiating and establishing sustainable agreements – in management, purchasing and teambuilding.

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