How to negotiate happiness and money – Pre-order my book now!

Negotiation Tips

Jörg Köck | June 2021

How do we negotiate money, happiness, and health? What are the real reasons for burn-out? Is it really all about money, or do we value interpersonal relationships?

I have developed an alternative and new perspective on soft skills – a more radical way of negotiating and making decisions. For this purpose, I am now writing a book – in which I would like to show you a different approach to becoming successful.

After the successful completion of my crowdfunding campaign, things are now moving towards publication! You can now pre-ordermy book – publication is planned for the end of September.

Let’s make the world a little better together and establish a sustainable culture of negotiation and agreement! This stands for one of the essential pillars of “New Work”.

We need people and a community working together for a new future – because no matter what it’s about: crisis management, change management, fusions, innovations, and product developments – we need agreements that are sustainable and people who stand up as advocates for a more humane business.

The Book

Any communication intending an agreement is a negotiation. Agreements consist of a mutual decision of two (or more) parties. A negotiation is therefore a social interaction and accordingly shapes and forms interpersonal relationships.

Without successful and nurturing relationships, no project can truly be implemented successfully. In business, unfortunately, we often pay less attention to sustainable negotiation, which ultimately often leads to burnout – a fundamental evil of our society.

In my book, I explore ways in which we can create a more sustainable future, one in which we value nurturing relationships.

My book is intended to be a collection of my insights from numerous years as a trainer & coach – combined with the most important theories and concepts and sprinkled with my own experiences. You can expect questions for reflection, as I strongly believe that in order to actually initiate change, we need to take the knowledge from theory into practice.

You will find negotiation methods that in my experience have proven successful in immensely improving both commitment and speed of implementation. My goal is to paint a holistic picture and help you find your true power. At the same time, I also want to show you the limits of negotiation, and where you may currently be paying a price on another level.

I invite you to negotiate in a radically holistic way. Let’s make the world a little better together and establish a sustainable culture of agreement and negotiation!