When Negotiating, Passing on the Left Side and Tailgating are Allowed!

Negotiation Tips

Jörg Köck | April 2021

When negotiating, you are allowed to upset your negotiation partner! Unlike in road traffic, there are no strict, legal rules in negotiations.

Everything you can and want to be responsible for is allowed!

In this respect, pushing – i.e., increasing the pressure on your discussion partner – is often even helpful, especially if you are in a better power position. This can result in the discussion partner becoming careless, possibly making mistakes. Some negotiators also make higher concessions. Caution – the side effect is that the relationship with the negotiation partner is likely to deteriorate.

Passing on the right (or in the UK on the left) when negotiating means making a mental leap that the negotiation partner cannot comprehend. There are many advantages to this: My counterpart is surprised, may feel bad about not being able to shift gears so quickly, or may even forget a point that is important to him.

Often, we cannot foresee all the consequences of our negotiation interventions – this must always be kept in mind! That’s why many negotiate normally (i.e., without pushing) and appropriately, but often miss the optimal effect.

Have the courage for special negotiation interventions!

P.S. Our Negotiation Intelligence Softwarehandles the documentation of your negotiation for you so that you can fully concentrate on your counterpart and facts. Nevertheless, you still have all the information available afterward to analyse your negotiation and become better / learn from it for the next negotiation.

Jörg Köck

... has been an independent management consultant, trainer and coach for almost 20 years and has been managing director of BETTER SOLUTIONS Coachingconsulting GmbH for six years. Before that he worked in specialist and management positions in the purchasing departments of mechanical engineering companies. His focus in training and consulting is on negotiating and establishing sustainable agreements – in management, purchasing and teambuilding.

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